200kN Static cone penetration machine

200kN Static cone penetration machine

200kN Static cone penetration machine

The 200 kN Static Cone Penetration Machine is one of the latest development by HEICO in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. It is powered by a 12.5 H.P. air cooled diesel engine. The frame of the machine is made as light as possible, but strong enough to resist the stress developed due to penetration and withdrawal of sounding tubes. The drive head consists of two long stroke double acting hydraulic rams supported by two guide columns. Pressure is exerted onto the tubes and rods through the measuring head fixed with two high and low load gauges.

An automatic pressure cut off valve is provided which automatically cuts low pressure gauge the moment pressure exceed 120 kg/sqcm. Measuring device is provided for both cone pressure and total pressure while driving the standard cone of 600 with base area of 10 cm2 and friction jacket at a constant rate as per Indian Standard 4968 (Part – III).

All components are mounted on a single axle steel trailer frame on pneumatic wheels with built in truss for anchoring it through number of ground anchors for reaction as required under field conditions. It is provided with telescopic legs with inbuilt provisions for leveling the unit before tests.

Technical specifications

Max. Pushing force : 200 kN
Max. pulling force : 220 kN
Drive : 12.5 HP Diesel Engine
Low : 0-160 kg/cm2
High : 0-600 kg/cm2
Penetration Speed : 10-15 mm/sec as per ISI 4968 (Part III)

Standard Accessories

  • Driving head consisting of hydraulic piston and cylinder 1 No.
  • Pressure Gauge 0-160 kg/cm2 1 No.
  • Pressure Gauge 0-600 kg/cm2 1 No.
  • Automatic cut off switch 1 No.
  • Mantle tubes of uniform diameter 45 Nos.
  • Sounding rods of 1 meter length 45 Nos.
  • Sounding Cone with friction jacket 10 cm2 base area 2 Nos.
  • Sounding cone without friction jacket 2 Nos.
  • Screw anchors
    45 cm blades: 8 Nos.
    30 cm blades: 8 Nos.
    20 cm blades: 8 Nos.
  • Handle for screw anchors: 1 No.
  • Tool Kit: 1 No.
  • Tarpaulin cover: 1 No.