80386 Microprocessor Trainer

80386 Microprocessor Trainer

80386 Microprocessor Trainer

Model Number : GOTT-MCT-80386

Brand: GOTT

C/O: Malaysia


  • The 80386 Microprocessor Trainer 32-bit embedded microcomputer teaching experimental system is first close to the practical application of teaching platform based on I386EX for microprocessor embedded controller as the core module.
  • Contains 24M Intel386EX high-performance 32-bit microprocessor (industrial grade); 640K conventional memory; 1MB high memory; 512K bytes Flash memory, with a disk file driver software interface; support electronic disk DOC2000 series chip direct replacement 512Kflash, highlighting the large-capacity data storage; streamline the expansion bus, with most of the peripheral interface control device is directly connected to real-time clock; eight general-purpose digital I / O (GPIO); PC-compatible CMOS power-off protection.
  • It is a high performance, high reliability, PC-compatible, the communication network, compact, low power consumption, interface, extended and flexible new design ideas, core modules can easily be embedded directly into the practical application of products.
  • For students who graduating from design, electronic design competition is to provide a good hardware environment.
  • For embedded developers fast forward at once, speeding time to market and create conditions of product development.9035


  • External expansion of four asynchronous serial ports (including 232 level, TTL level), and supports a variety of applications the extended (RS485/GPRS communication RS422/MODEM) 10M to the state network interface, USB interface, the network control system hardware platform, with a 4×5 matrix keyboard and 128×64 lattice LCD, man-machine interface as a system, corresponding to and on the PC keyboard and monitor, which makes a large number of commonly used for input / output functions: such as getch (), printf () and other in this system continue to be valid.
  • This configuration can meet a variety of industrial site (such as data communications, industrial automation, embedded the WEB, intelligent terminals, instrumentation, distributed remote communication and control) data acquisition and control requirements.
  • The system retains some of the traditional interface components (for traditional teaching materials): such as A/D0809, D/A0832, parallel I/O port 8255, SRAM6264.
  • System integrated stepper motor, DC motor, relay, electronic sound for computer control experiment, this part of the design of hardware circuit and separation of core modules can be selected according to user requirements.
  • Software compatible with the PC / DOS operating environment, and supporting a wealth of software support, including TCP / IP, the PPP-TCP/IP protocol library, serial port driver, the Chinese character display, watchdog and low-level configuration program, while supporting 32 microprocessor real mode and protected mode of the two working mode, with a full set of development tools, packages, libraries and comprehensive documentation.
  • Provide a strong support for student experiments and product development in hardware and software.
  • The 80386 Microprocessor Trainer 32-bit embedded microcomputer teaching experimental system is to fully develop into the different faculties teaching requirements, leaving room for the extended design and innovative design.
  • We have prepared some of the more useful extensions-modules: voice recording unit, three color traffic light control unit, CF card storage units, GPRS wireless communication unit, communications unit, USB interface, CPLD application modules, such as dot-matrix LED display unit.
  • We can also offer customers to customize various modules.
  • The 80386 Microprocessor Trainer 32-bit embedded microcomputer teaching experimental system suitable for the computer, automatic control, electronics and communications professional teaching experiment.


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