8088/8086 Microcomputer Principles And Interfacing Trainer

8088/8086 Microcomputer Principles And Interfacing Trainer

8088/8086 Microcomputer Principles And Interfacing Trainer

Model: GOTT-MPIT-371

Brand: GOTT



 This system is composed of aluminum alloy box, switching power supply and system board. All the experimental module integration design, is one of the most economic principle of microcomputer and interface experiment teaching platform and practical, suitable for all levels of students in experiment teaching of Microcomputer Principle and interface applications.


  • All bus signal equipped with (after isolation) leads jack rows, can design complete all the experiments..
  • The online software: WINDOWS9X/2000/XP platform support, and provide a powerful CAI courseware, experimental principle, experimental purpose, principle diagram, chip query, test program set in one, convenient for multimedia teaching.
  • The connection: connection module test line: all signals using a cable connection, easy operation, stable and reliable experimental wires.
  • Size: 450 x 360
  • The case: aluminum alloy material, green environmental protection, no pollution, a handle, beautiful appearance.


  • The system provides ± 5V, ± 12V power supply. All power supply has short circuit protection function.
  • The main board with 8088CPU, with 32KEPROM storage system management procedures, with two static RAM 62256 64K user program RAM.
  • Using the CPLD device as the main control component, the hardware control circuit simple and reliable.
  • Input and output interface
  1. 4 × 6 keyboard matrix, import key seat
  2. 8 switch output circuit. The 12 position switch quantity input and display circuit.
  3. 8 bright seven segment LED digital display.
  4. DC motor drive circuit
  5. Stepper motor drive circuit
  6. Relay control interface
  7. Circuit to generate electronic sound, with 8 ohm speaker


  • Common signal source
  1. 2 positive and negative pulse output.
  2. 2 consecutive pulse output 2MHZ and 1MHZ.
  3. 1 Analog Circuit 0-5V


  • The experimental circuit module
  1. 8 Bits ADC 0809 Analog To Digital conversion circuit.
  2. 8 Bits Digital to Analog A/D 0832 conversion circuit.
  3. Parallel extended I/O interface circuit 8255.
  4. 8253 timer / counter interface circuit.
  5. 8251 serial interface circuit.
  6. 8259 interrupt control interface circuit.
  7. 8279 keyboard interface circuit.
  8. USB bus communication experimental circuit.
  9. Photoelectric sensor, using ST135, can rotate speed measuring motor, the motor closed-loop control.
  10. Temperature sensor, composed of thermoelectric coupling and small signal amplifier circuit.


  • ADC0809A/D conversion experiment
  • DAC0832D/A conversion experiment
  • 8255A parallel I/O port test
  • 8253A timing / counter experiments
  • 8259A single stage interrupt control experiment
  • 8251A serial communication experiment
  • USB communication experiment
  • DC motor control experiment
  • Stepping motor control experiment
  • The relay control experiment
  • The memory read and write test
  • 8279 keyboard and display control experiment
  • DC motor speed measurement and control experiment
  • The temperature measurement experiment

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