Axial Loading Machines, Single Gauge

Axial Loading Machines, Single Gauge

Load Frame

Load frame is steel welded fabricated. It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue. These frames are light in weight. The base carries a fine finished hydraulic ram and the lower platen. The top plate has the spherical seating to take care of any irregularity of the specimen surface or slight misplacement of the specimen from the central position.

Pumping Unit

Pumping unit is attached on the right hand side of the loading unit. It is a multi plunger pump submersed in the tank and is powered by 1.5 kW electric motor.

Power pack gives non-pulsating flow to the hydraulic ram. This ensures smooth loading of the specimen which can be seen by the movement of the load gauge/digital display. The flow of the oil can be precisely controlled by the strain control knob located at a convenient height. With the proper check on the oil, the life of the pumping unit and the hydraulic ram is almost as long as, life of machine.