Core Drilling Machine


Core Drilling Machine

It is a compact drilling machine that can drill through hard Rock, Concrete, Bitumen, tiles, and marbles. Adequate fixtures are provided to drill cores of 100 mm from 150 mm diameter Gyratory samples and multiple cores from slab of 410x 260x (max) 100mm height. The unit have a rigid, stable and vibration free platform. The unit have arrangement for both Lateral and longitudinal movement of the main sample holding jig to facilitate coring from bigger diameter cores and multi cores from slabs. The sample is moveable in X Y direction and the main frame is stationary and have Z movement. Due to the flexibility in multi direction multiple cores of different sizes can be cored from slab of the size given above.

Salient Features

  • Idle for drilling test cores in laboratory environment from larger 150 mm diameter Gyratory cores. Ideal for drilling extracting 3 Nos x 100 mm diameter cores for slabs
  • Ideal for extracting multiple cores of different sizes from slabs
  • A stainless steel container with water arrangement is provided with clamping fixture for 150 mm diameter core and 410x 260x 100mm (max) . Clamping is rigid and positive.
  • Facility for taking out 3 cores of 100 mm diameter from the above mentioned size slab
  • Rigid floor fixing
  • Water swivel for circulation and cooling of the tip.
  • Core depth up to 450mm.
  • Power of the Motor: 2200 Watts Multiple Speeds: (3 speeds): 450,1200,2500 rpm Power Supply: 230 Volts, 50 Hz AC. Travel on the pillar about 600 mm.


  • Core diameter 100mm 5 No.
  • Core diameter 150mm 2 No.


  • For 100 mm bit 1 No
  • For 150 mm bit 1 No.