Kolida Total Station | Conventional TS | CTS-632R6

Kolida Total Station Conventional TSCTS-632R6

 Kolida Total Station |Conventional TS|CTS-632R6

Main Feature:

  • Absolute Encoding Angle Measurement System, accuracy 2″
  • Up to 600 meters non-prism measurement range
  • Density Ball Bearing Axis , eliminating Axis Jam
  • 5 Lines display screen, clear and visible under sunlight
  • Atmosphere & Temperature sensor, auto correction
  • Tough and Reliable Stable performance in all environment

Practical Survey Program:

Various of surveying programs onboard allow surveyors to complete their tasks directly in the field: angle offset, angle repetition, dual-distance offset, coordinate measurement, REM, MLM, Staking out, area calculation, Road Design, etc.


Technical Specification:

Distance Measurement Range:

Reflectorless: 600m

Prism             : 5000m

Accuracy: Reflectorless: 3+2ppm

                               Prism: 2+2ppm

                                Sheet: 3+2ppm

Angle Measurement:

Accuracy: 2’’

Keyboard and Display

Keyboard: Alphanumeric 28 keys

Display: Black& white LCD

Resolution: 160*96dpi

Position: face1,face2


Standard package components:

  • Kolida Total Station CTS-632R6
  • Rechargeable Battery LI-30 x2
  • Battery Charger & Adapter
  • Communication Cable KE-203
  • Tools Kit ·Dryer ·Reflector Sheet
  • Carrying Case
  • Operation Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • QC Pass Certificate
  • Belt for Case

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