Laboratory CBR Apparatus, Hand Operated

Laboratory CBR Apparatus Hand Operated

Laboratory CBR Apparatus, Hand Operated

Model: HS20.05

Brand: HEICO

C/O: India


Technical Specification:


The apparatus consists of :-


i) Hand Operated Load Frame, capacity 5000 kg (50 KN).

ii) CBR Mould 150 mm base plate and collar inner dia x 175 mm high.

iii) Cutting collar.

iv) Perforated swell plate.

v) Spacer disc.

vi) Metallic ring made of mild steel.

vi) Metal tripod aluminum.

viii) Penetration Piston Assembly.

ix) Proving ring 10 kN capacity.

x) One surcharge weight, 2.5 kg, annular.

xi) One surcharge weight, 2.5 kg slotted.

xii) Dial gauge 0.01 x 25mm


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