Loading Frame

Loading Frame

Load frame is steel welded structure with high stiffness where top and bottom plates are tied with side place.

It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue. These frames are light in weight.

The top plate has the upper spherical seated platen with oil filled ball seat assembly as per IS : 14858- 2000

to take care of any irregularity of the specimen surface or slight misplacement of the specimen from the central position. The upper and Lower loading platens are hardened and has hardness of 55HRC. The flatness tolerance is 0.03 mm and the roughness value (Ra) in the range of 0.4μm.

The base carries a fine finished servo controlled hydraulic cylinder with hardened and finest abraded piston. The bearing surface of the Lower Loading platen has marking inscribed to facilitate proper centering of cubical and cylindrical specimen of different sizes.

The frame is provided with safety guard doors and transparent fragment guards (both front and rear) as a protection to the operator while at the same time giving an unobstructive view of the specimen under test. Proximity switch/ Limit switch is provided as a safe guard against over travel.

A load cell or pressure transducer is fitted in the frame with testing range from 1% to 100% capacity of machine with an accuracy of ± 0.5% of indicated load. A displacement transducer is fitted with the ram to measure the deformation of the specimen.

Note: The dimensional details given above are of standard model. However the dimensions can be modified as per customer requirement.