Mobile Phone Trainer GOTT-HP-1

Mobile Phone Trainer

Mobile Phone Trainer GOTT-HP-1

Model Number : GOTT-HP-1

Brand: GOTT


Measurement of test point voltages.
Observation of test point Waveforms and.
A detailed manual containing different practical are provided with the board also.


Power supply requirement : 230V AC, 50 Hz for charging phone battery with adaptor.
Battery: Built in Ni-Cd battery.
Technology : GSM.
Must have a LCD display.
Phone contact: 100 Nos.
Battery charging Time: 2 Hours.
Facilities : STD and ISD facility, Caller line identification.
SIM card: Pre-paid with Local service provider.
Recharging/renewal have to be done by customer afterwards.
Recharging/renewal have to be done by customer afterwards
Faults: 10 Nos and.
Standard Accessories: A Training Manual also.

EXPERIMENT TOPICS Fault Simulation of :

At first earphone left.
Secondly earphone right.
Thirdly earphone mic.
F4: vibrator.
F5 speaker.
F6 sim card and power consumption.
F7 LCD display back light.
F8 for micro SD card and data signal analysis.
F9 main mic.
Finally F10: battery.


 (1) All manuals are written in English.

(2) Model Answer.

(3) Teaching Manuals.

General Terms:

(1) Accessories will be provided where applicable.

(2) Manuals & Training will be provided where applicable.

(3) Designs & Specifications are subject to change without notice and also.

(4) We reserve the right to discontinue the manufacturing of any product.

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