PIC Training Kit

PIC Training Kit

PIC Training Kit

Model Number : GOTT-PTK-40A

Brand: GOTT


PIC is getting famous in industry and education. This training kit will suit your need well. Come with many useful interfaces. With plenty of devices integrated on board, you can learn from the basic digital input and output, Parallel data sending, serial interface (UART, I2C, SPI and even USB), Motor control (Brush motor, RC servo and Stepper), and many more! Come with sample source code in C Language to test the kit board. The standard kit come in a metal casing for proper storage.


  • Training board come in metal casing
  • One unit of 12VDC, 2A output power adaptor
  • One power switch to control training kit power
  • No additional power needed for on board devices to operate
  • One power indicator LED
  • One 3A Reset-able fuse for short circuit protection
  • Come with PIC16F877A
  • Support PIC16F877A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F917, PIC18F4580, PIC18F4520, PIC18F4550 (USB)
  • PIC is placed on ZIF (Zero Insert Force) Socket, to ease the changing of PIC microcontroller
  • Come with 20 MHz Crystal, however is changeable to 4MHz, 8MHz, 10MHz, 12MHz and 16MHz crystal
  • Two 7 segment display
  • 2×16 character LCD
  • 4×4 keypad
  • One Tactile Reset button and 3 user programmable push buttons
  • All output pin connected to LED as indicator
  • One programmable buzzer as sound indicator
  • One DC motor, 5V operated, Rated current: 40mA, Rated Speed: 80 RPM
  • DC motor integrated with rotary encoder to offer rotation feedback
  • One Stepper motor, Unipolar, 1.8 degree per step
  • One RC servo, 4.8 – 6.0V operate, Rated speed: 0.13 sec/ 60 degree
  • One 12V, 1A relay output
  • One 32.768KHz Crystal for Real Time Clock (RTC) using Interrupt
  • One External Real Time Clock IC (DS1307) with back up battery for I2C protocol development
  • One External EEPROM with SPI interface (25AA020A)
  • One UART connector ready offering direct connection to computer/laptop with UC00A (optional) for communication through COM port
  • ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) input with 3 source: On board Potentiometer, LM35 temperature sensor or external analog sensor (Infrared Distance Sensor, Ultrasonic Range finder, Gas sensor, etc)
  • One external digital input port for digital sensor such as photo electric sensor, shock sensor, PIR sensor, etc
  • Selectable voltage between 5V and 12V for external digital input
  • One USB B type connector for USB development (with the optional PIC18F4550)
  • One connector to interface with Cytron SKPS PS2 Controller Starter Kit, SKKCA Bluetooth Starter Kit and SKXBEE XBEE Starter Kit
  • Integrated with UIC00B – USB ICSP PIC Programmer, MPLAB IDE compatible, no extra software is needed to download new program, erase, verify and read
  • All components and connectors on board are nicely silk-screened labeled
  • All IOs are connected to the turn pin for further expansion and experiment purpose
  • Provided with a breadboard (solder less prototyping board) for experiment purpose
  • CD contains MPLAB IDE and C Compiler (Lite mode) installer

Manuals :

  • All manuals are written in English
  • Model Answer
  • Teaching Manuals

General Terms :

  • Accessories will be provided where applicable
  • Manuals & Training will be provided where applicable
  • Designs & Specifications are subject to change without notice
  • We reserve the right discontinue the manufacturing of any product

Warranty : 2 Years