PLC Trainer

PLC Trainer

PLC Trainer

Model Number : GOTT-PLC-370


 This trainer is a complete training system, introducing the student to the operation, programming and troubleshooting of modern industrial programmable logic controllers.

A complete curriculum is provided incorporating many learning activities related to basic sequence, circuit flow, ladder logic programming and troubleshooting. Many activities reflect actual industrial applications.

An optional hand-held programming pendant, input/output devices and a wiring kit are provided, making the device complete and ready for use without the need for additional accessories or a link to PC base programming, monitoring and control.

This product, together with its associated student manual & programming manual, creates a complete introductory course in PLCs, for industrial training applications as well as in the educational learning.

 A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is effectively a computer with I/O. The I/O (input/output modules) is a method of getting signals from the outside world into the computer and back again. The I/O is generally robust (so they can cope with noise and spikes). Also available are intelligent I/O cards (which effectively have a computer on the I/O card) for Intermediate Model and HMI devices (touch screen) for Advance Model.



 ITEM                                     DESCRIPTION                                                          UNITS

  • Controller PLC main unit
  • Input 24V DC Input             16 ea
  • Output Relay Contact Output             16 ea
  • Programming Full programming features on

console (optional)       back lit Two line LCD display                                      1 ea

                                               Keypad Hand-held programmer


  • Cable Program download cable 1 ea
  • Memory 2K EEPROM memory 1 ea
  • Power Supply 24V DC 2.1A (short circuit protection)             1ea


  • Fundamentals of Logic
  • PC communication
  • Developing Ladder Logic Programs
  • Programming Timers
  • Structure of Control Systems
  • Sequencer Programs
  • Master Control & Zone Control Instructions
  • Programming Counters
  • Jump Instructions & Sub-routines
  • Combined Counter & Timer Functions
  • PLC Installation Practices.


ITEM                                      DESCRIPTION                                             UNITS

Input Terminals                       4mm ɸ Banana Jack                                       16 ea

Output Terminals                     4mm ɸ Banana Jack                                       16 ea

Input Switches                         Toggle Switch                                      16 ea

Simulation Indicators              LED                                                                 32 ea

DC Supply Terminal                24V DC +/-                                                     2 ea



  • Connecting cables for drive unit to switches, LED, relays & other peripherals
  • Connection leads
  • Experiment manual
  • Soft copy manual for easy print-out


  • All manuals are written in English
  • Model Answer
  • Teaching Manuals

General Terms:

  • Accessories will be provided where applicable
  • Manuals & Training will be provided where applicable.
  • Designs & Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the manufacturing of any product.

Warranty: 2 Years