Pneumatic Cycle Cum Static Triaxial Test System (Suitable for frequencies up to 10Hz)

Pneumatic Cycle Cum Static Triaxial Test System

Pneumatic Cycle Cum Static Triaxial Test System

This model is similar to HS28.610 except for a Pneumatic Actuator in place of a Hydraulic actuator, thus making the system more compact (Hydraulic Power Pack is not required) with a maximum test frequency up to 10Hz and Dynamic Loading from ±10N to ± 4kN.

The main parts of the system are:-
1. Load Frame with Pneumatic Actuator
2. Triaxial Cell with accessories
3. Automatic Pressure system with Compressor and De-airing system
4. PC based Control system and ApplicationSoft ware

a. Signal Conditioning and Controlling Unit with transducers
b. A computer for Controlling and Data acquisition
c. Control & Analysis software

The broad specification of each module is given below:-

Load Frame
Loading Frame is a free-standing two pillar type unit. It has a base and a crosshead fitted with an actuator along with a servo valve. Crosshead
carrying the Pneumatic Actuator for conducting dynamic tests is movable on threaded columns to adjust the height of the sample. The arrangement is also provided
for the locking of the crosshead at any desired position. An electromechanical system consisting of a highly precise servo motor is provided for conducting routine static tests. Static and dynamic loading is fully computer-controlled. It can accommodate Triaxial cell for sample sizes up to 100mm diameter & 200mm height.

Technical Specifications
Load-carrying capacity: 50kN
Triaxial Cell accommodate: Up to 100mm diameter & 200mm height
Horizontal clearance : 350mm
Vertical clearance: 900mm
Platen Diameter: 150mm or more
Static Test Speed : 0.00001-9.9999 mm/min.