Portable Transparent Hydraulics Trainer


• This portable system comes with an excellent extension for different training conditions and functions. The whole structure is portable and compact. It has almost all the function of a bench type trainer but with a small size and low cost.

• The hydraulic components used here are transparent type, all the inner structure, and hydraulic flow could be observed directly during the operation, as well as the mechanical motions.

• Four experiment platform arrangements can be performed to start the hydraulic training due to the flexible design structure, the two aluminum profile plate could be combined in multiple methods to achieve vertical, horizontal, superimposed or double-sided training, at the same time, all hydraulic components could be attached inside or outside the platform by using a quick mounting baseboard.


  •  Understanding of hydraulic components structure, signal, and functions
  • One level pressure-relief loop of reducing valve
  • Side oil line throttle governing loop of the one-way throttle valve
  • Parallel speed regulating loop of the flow control valve and throttle valve
  • Reversing loop of hand directional valve
  • Oil in and oil return speed regulating and throttling loop
  • Oil in speed regulating loop of the flow control valve
  • Single-stage pressure regulating loop of overflow valve
  • Oil return speed regulating loop of the flow control valve
  • Series speed regulating loop of flow control valve and throttle valve