Programmable Logic Controller Trainer


• The training systems focus on conveying basic knowledge and information on programmable logic control
(PLC). The fundamentals and operation of PLC systems are graphically explored using a multitude of
examples, explanations, exercises and practical assignments.

• Modular experimental panels are adopted for flexible training, coming with standard height that can easily
be inserted into the experiment stands.

• It covers a huge training range which is widely used in industrial application, logic input and output elements
of different control methods are provided on common panel for experimental development.


PLC mainframe
  • Work with STEP 7 programming software
  • Data types
  • Programming languages STL, LAD and FBD
  • Programming of counters and time makers, comparison and arithmetic functions
  • Putting into operation and testing
  • Programming of binary operations
  • Program structure, invoking subroutings
  • Creating statement lists
Demo systems
  • Motor control system
  • Automatic goods feeding and loading system
  • Automatic molding machine system
  • Traffic light control system
  • Plating control system
  • Relay control experiment
  • Automatic vending machine system
  • Automatic punching machine control system
  • Automatic water tower water level control
  • Automatic liquids mixture control system
  • Automatic washing machine control system
  • Automatic mail sorting system
  • 4-layer elevator control system
  • Analog television transmitting tower