Refrigerator & Air Conditioner System Trainer CHOEIO


Refrigerator & Air Conditioner System Trainer



C/O: China

  • Movable integrated refrigerator and air conditioner system trainer built on one aluminum alloy profile, with drawer type electrical controlling system saving space and easy for operation.
  • High/low-pressure pipelines marked with colors for easy identification, specially designed testing points on each key position for fast pressure measuring connection visa two HP/LP gauge groups on each side.
  • Centralized wiring terminal box for easy electrical arrangement, coming with 4mm safety sockets and code number. Four control boxes whose body and panel are made of painted steel with a schematic diagram and carrying handles on the front.
  • Two types of control modes are provided for the refrigerator system, student can operate electronic temperature control system and intelligent electrical control system in one single trainer, let alone the A/C system.


  • Refrigeration and air conditioning pipeline construction
  • Wiring of the refrigerator and A/C electrical system
  • Coolant state tracking and its relationship with pressure
  • System vacuolization and coolant charging
  • System airtightness testing
  • Thermodynamics elements application
  • Application of refrigerating system maintenance tool


  1. Power supply panel
  • Input: 1PH 220V±10%, with short circuit/leakage protection and power indicator
  • Output: 2-way 220V output sockets
  • Digital display: 0…250A and 0…5A current indication
  • Safety 4mm sockets for power in/out
  • Painted steel panel with stainless steel handles
  1. Air conditioner electrical control
  • Sensor: indoor temperature sensor, pipeline temperature sensor
  • Capacitor: outdoor/indoor fan capacitor, compressor capacitor
  • Working indicator: red, blue, yellow
  • Laser printing: electrical schematic diagram
  • Others: push button, 5A fuse, etc.
  • Painted steel panel with stainless steel handles
  1. Refrigerator electronic temperature control
  • Simulated indicator: pipeline/launder heater, defrost heater
  • Sensor: refrigerating/freezing chamber temperature sensor
  • Rotary knob: for temperature setting
  • Silk printing: electrical schematic diagram
  • Others: push button, 3A fuse, etc.
  • Painted steel panel with stainless steel handles
  1. Refrigerator intelligent temperature control
  • Simulated indicator: defrost heater, compressor
  • Simulated indicator: door lamp, air door, fan
  • Sensor: temperature sensor for each chamber and defrost sensor for refrigerating/varying temp chamber
  • Silk printing: electrical schematic diagram
  • LCD display module: with five mode selection buttons on the panel
  • Others: toggle switch, 3A fuse, etc.
  • Painted steel panel with stainless steel handles
  1. Air conditioner system elements
  • Compressor: coolants R22, refrigerating capacity 1745W, RLA 3.2
  • An indoor heat exchanger (evaporator): fan motor 220V, 50Hz, input power 10/40W, rated speed 1250/1350 r/min
  • An outdoor heat exchanger (condenser): pressure 2.5MPa, area 3.4m2, heat capacity 988W.
  • Four-way reversing valve with solenoid coil: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 5W, MOPD1.8MPa
  • Throttle devise. Electromagnetic winding 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 4.5/3.5W
  • Sight glass: WET80°, SGN, DRY170°F
  • Valve and filter
  1. Refrigerator system elements

1). Refrigerator compressor: 1PH 101W

2). Wire condenser 3). Freezing chamber

4). Freezing chamber evaporator

5). Refrigerating chamber

6). Refrigerating chamber evaporator

7). Throttle device

8). Sight glass

9). Dry filter

  1. Refrigerating system pressure detecting unit:

provided with four vacuum manometers, -0.1~1.8MPa (2pcs), -0.1~3.8MPa (2pcs) for the high/low side pressure measurement of air conditioner/refrigerator system.

  1. Mobile experiment stand
  • Extruded aluminum profiles tabletop for easy placement of refrigeration system
  • Extruded aluminum profiles with 4 grooves for skeleton construction
  • Sheet steel for base and three side faces – Universal and lockable truckles for easy movement
  1. Connecting lead: high reliable sheathed gun-type connecting wire
  2. Tool kit

1). Portable welding torch

2). Rotary-vane vacuum pump

3). Pipe bender

4). Dual-gauge valve

5). Adapter suite

6). Monkeywrench

7). Tapeline

8). Charging hose

9). Socket head wrench

10). Expand tube reamer

11). Cutting-off tool

12). Chamfering tool