Semiconductor Trainer

Semiconductor Trainer

Semiconductor Trainer


Brand: GOTT

C/O: Malaysia



The semiconductor trainer GOTT-SEMICON-24 offers a complete set of experiments related with semiconductor based analog circuits. Due to the built-in instrumentation functions such as an AF generator, a frequency counter, a multimeter and a tracking power supply, the trainer GOTT-SEMICON-24 is a complete experimental tool by itself. The built-in multi-function features also increase experiment efficiency by reducing the time spent in preparation and keeping all the hardware well organized. An easy to follow, step-by-step experimental manual will guide the user through each experiment.


  • All the necessary components are provided in the trainer. It extremely easy to change circuit values and to see the impact on the circuit performance.
  • Two 3 digits decade capacitors and three BCD programmable resistors are provided in the unit.
  • These components provide the accuracy needed in the circuit.
  • Two variable resistors are provided in the unit. These resistors are used to adjust the input and output levels, time constants and bias outputs.
  • The large size breadboard in the trainer provides ample room even for a complex circuit. Jumper wire connections between nodes eliminate soldering.



  • DC Outputs ±0~15V Dual Output
  • Decade Capacitors : 100pF~0.1μF (3 digits) 1000pF~1μF (3 digits)
  • Decade Resistors : 1kΩ~15kΩ 10kΩ~150kΩ 100kΩ~1.5MΩ 10Hz~100kHz (in 4 ranges)
  • AF Generator (Digital Display) : Output: 1V/10V (in 2 ranges) Waveform: Sine, Square
  • Multi-tester : DC : 10mV~20V, (Imp.: 10MΩ)(3½digits) AC : 10mV~20V (rms) Resistance : 10Ω~2MΩ Protection DC O/L Alarm & Indication
  • AC Output 30VCT(15V+15V) 0.1A max
  • Variable Resistors: 0~1000Ω(3W) 0~100kΩ(1W)
  • Switches Slide, Push, SPDT-Toggle
  • Input Power : AC 110/240V 50~60Hz




  • Pulse Distortion and Propagation Delay
  • Operational Amplifiers: Amplifiers and Inverters
  • Operational Amplifiers: Voltage Comparators
  • Schmitt-Trigger Gates
  • Monostable Multivibrators
  • 555 Timer : Astable Operation
  • P-N Junction Diode Characteristics
  • Electronic Voltage-regulated Power Supply
  • Diode Rectifier
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • NPN and PNP
  • Electronic Components


  • All manuals are written in English
  • Model Answer
  • Teaching Manuals

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  • Manuals & Training will be provided where applicable.
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