Series Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Load Control)

Series Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Load Control)

Series Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Load Control)

HEICO Automatic Compression Testing Machine is capable of conducting compression tests on concrete specimens and allied products. It is a state of the art machine in which loading is controlled automatically through a combination of advance electronic and hydraulic system. The complete system consists of Load frame, Hydraulic pumping unit & Microprocessor based digital Indicator.

This Model is similar to Model- HLM592 except that it has Microprocessor based digital display system with storage facility of test results automatic controlling of programmed pace rate up to failure in place of simple display unit.

Other essential parts like Hydraulic Pumping system and loading unit remains the same as described earlier in Model-HLM592.

The pace rate is programmable and controlled automatically.

The equipment has an arrangement for automatic pacing system, which is achieved by the combination of advance hydraulic and electronic system.Control signal from the electronic system is passed on to the drive of the motor through the P.I.D. Controller which in turns control the flow to the hydraulic ram thereby keeping the pace rate within +/- 2% of the pre programmed value. After failure load, the machine has to be released through operation of ball valve. All controlling is through the membrane key board.

Microprocessor Based Touch Panel Display & Control System.

Control system provides the digital servo control, Ramp generation for the machine, data acquisition, etc. for the continuous operation of the system.

Salient Features of System.

  • Menu driven interface
  • Facility to perform various operations such as TARE, PROGRAMMING, START, STOP etc. at front panel display
  • Programmable Rate of loading (Load rate) and sample parameters (Shape, Dimension, weight etc.) through Panel
  • Standalone system to operate the machine (Start, Stop and reset) without computer
  • Automatic Pace Rate control
  • On-line display of Load and Peak Load with recording of Peak load
  • Automatic data logging on stop button
  • Real time clock check to keep automatic track of the date, time and runs
  • Transmission of Data to computer through Ethernet/ USB/RS232 port
  • Test results can be stored in the electronic unit and can be retrieved
  • Software – The system is supplied with necessary software for data acquisition, analysis and graph plotting.

Optional at extra cost – Displacement Transducer (0-20mm x 0.01mm)