Servo Hydraulic Compression Loading Testing Machines with Stress & Strain Controlled Loading


Servo Hydraulic Compression Loading Testing Machines with Stress & Strain Controlled Loading


The load frame is steel welded fabricated. It is designed to withstand a few million times of full cycles of loading without any sign of distortion or fatigue. These frames are light in weight. The base carries a fine finished hydraulic ram and the lower platen. The top plate has the spherical seating to take care of any irregularity of the specimen surface or slight misplacement of the specimen from the central position. The front cover is provided, made of acrylic sheet, as a protection to the operator while at the same time giving an unobstructed view of the specimen under test.

Pumping Unit

The pumping unit is kept on the left-hand side of the loading unit. It is a multi plunger pump submerged in the tank and is powered by a suitable capacity electric motor. Operating on 440 Volts, 50 Hz A.C. supply. (Other voltages optional).

It has an arrangement for the automatic pacing system which is achieved by the combination of the advance hydraulic and electronic systems. The control signal from the electronic system is passed on to the high-speed proportional valve, (closed-loop system) as shown in the figure which in turn controls the flow of oil into the pacing rate constant irrespective of any change that occurs in the specimen during the process of testing. The pacing rate is set on a strain or stress basis. All the set parameters are entered through the computer. The machine is very simple to operate. The load is automatically released after the peak value is achieved.

Salient Features of Software-

  • Controlling and On-line Data Acquisition to PC through user-friendly software and Statistical Analysis of the results obtained.
  • Windows-based user-friendly software with an easy user interface
  • Programmable sample parameters and rate of loading (Pace Rate)
  • Inching (Rapid Approach)/Release operation
  • Computer/Software programmable Safety Limits for Load & Displacement
  • Independent Taring of each channel
  • Auto release/Auto shut down of system facility after sample failure
  • To see the Post Failure Behavior of the specimen
  • Programmable Data Saving Interval
  • Facility to hold the machine and restart the loading during the test.
  • Online display of numerical values of Load and Displacement simultaneously
  • Online plotting of data of Load v/s Time, Displacement v/s time, and Load v/s Displacement graphs
  • Real-time clock for tracking date, time, and runs
  • Facility to save test data along with order information about the specimen such as age, specimen no., size, dimensions, etc. in user defined file/directory.

Analysis Software

  • Plotting of the following graphs
    • Load v/s Time
    • Displacement v/s Time
    • Load v/s Displacement
    • Stress v/s Strain
  • Calculation of various results (Maximum strain, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, etc.)
  • Facility to plot the data for a selected run
  • Comparative analysis using multigraphs
  • Statistical analysis of the test results
  • Batch Summary Report
  • Advance Statistical Analysis
  • Facility to print Test Reports
  • Facility to Export Data to MS Excel


Computers with the latest standard configuration will be supplied.