Single Phase Transformer Lab


Single Phase Transformer Lab

Model Number: GOTT-SPTL-01


The GOTT-SPTL-01 is an elite training system for the Electrical Laboratories. It helps to get fully acquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of a Single Phase Transformer. This is represented in such an easy so that each test can be studied differently in proper sequence. The GOTT-SPTL-01 practically expertises in exercises like Polarity, Turns Ratio, transformation Ratio, Iron Loss, Copper Loss, Efficiency, etc.

Product Module

Module 01: Single Phase Transformer Code 162-015

Leakage Current: 30mA

Pilot Lamp L1,L2,& L3 (Voltage Monitor)

Module 02: Transformer Code 546-006

Rating: 1KVA

Primary Voltage : 0-125, 0-125V

Secondary Voltage: 0-125, 0-125V

Module 03: Isolating Transformer 240/240VAC 1A Code 146-025

Input Voltage: 240 VAC

Output Voltage: 240VAC/1A

Voltage Tatio: 1:1

Module 04 AC Voltmeter Code 152-006

Type: Moving coil X 2 Units

Range : 0~300VAC

Accuracy: Class 1.5

Module 05 AC Voltmeter Code 546-001

Type: Moving coil

Range: 0~50VAC

Module 06 AC Ammeter Code 152-008

AC Ammeter 5A

Moving Iron

Module 07: AC Ammeter Code 546-002

AC Ammeter 1A

Moving Iron

Module 08: Wattmeter Code 546-003

Dynamometer Type current  coil 0.4A 100W, 250V

Module 09: Wattmeter Code 546-004

Dynamometer Type current  coil 4A ,1000W, 250V

Module 10: Load Bulb Code 546-005

2 Load 100W Bulb

Module 11: Auto Transformer 0-42-240VAC 1A  Code 146-026

Input Voltage :230VAC

Output Voltage: 270V

Protection: 5A

Module 12: BS Socket With MCB Code 112-030

Miniature Circuit Breaker BS Socket

Module 13: U-Link Code 159-019

For Connecting Junction Point

Module 14: Safety Connecting Lead Code 237-001

4mm Connecting leads

Module 15: Vertical Frame Code 297-000

Hight level: DIN Standard A4 With Two Shelves

Material : Aluminum

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Module 16: Experiment Manual Code 146-035