Sokkia Total Station (CX-Series)


 Total Station
Model: CX-101|CX105Brand: Sokkia
 made in japan
 Standard Accessories |    CX Main Unit·        

Battery (BDC70)

Battery Charger (CDC68)

Power Cable

 Lens Cap

Lens Hood

 Tool pouch


  Lens brush

 Adjusting pin x 2

 Cleaning cloth

 Operation Manual

  USB memory

  Laser caution sign – board

 Carrying case

   Carrying strap

Include additional accessories

Aluminum Trip

Single Prism with Soft case

Prism pole with soft case

mini-prism set

Main Technical Feature:

 RED – tech Technology Reflectorless EDM

 Long Link Data Communication

 Advanced Angle Measurement System

 The Longest Battery Life – 36 Hours

 Waterproof, Rugged, and Operator Friendly (IP66).


Main Technical Data sokkia total station:

  Angle Accuracy(ISO 17123-3:2001): 5ꞌꞌ

 Laser output:

   Reflectorless mode: Class 3R

  Prism/sheet mode: Class

  Dual-axis liquid, working range: ±6´

  Double Display

  Distance Measurement:

  Reflector less : 0.3 to 500m (1.0 to 1,640ft)

  Reflective  Sheet:   1.3 to 500m (4.3 ft to 1,640 ft)

  Mini Prisms :          1.3 to 2500m (8,200 ft)

  One AP prism:       1.3 to 4,000m (4.3 to 13,120ft)

  Three AP prism:     to 5000m (16,400ft)

  Internal Memory: Approx. 10,000 point Data Storage

  Battery : BDC70 Li-ion rechargeable battery

Operating time: Approx.  36 hours

(single distance measurement every 30 seconds)

Reflectorless Total Station is a product of sokkia company.

It is a device of measurement. it can verify distance between two objects

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