Solar & Wind Hybrid Power Generation Trainer CHOIEO


Solar & Wind Hybrid Power Generation Trainer

Model: CNC-101




  • The unit demonstrates the practical application of such a combined system for student to conduct the investigation of wind and photovoltaic generation. It is supplied as standard with a high-powered axial fan to generate realistic wind-speeds and a solar simulator to allow investigation of system performance inside the laboratory irrespective of outside conditions.
  • Both the solar panel and wind generator are connected to a digital combined charge controller that allows the output from both the solar panel and the wind generator to be investigated. Dedicated instrumentation includes, wind speed meter, wind direction meter, watt hour meter, AC/DC voltmeter and ampere meters for investigation of system efficiency and characteristics.

> Training Content

  • Solar panel open circuit voltage test
  • Solar panel short circuit current test
  • Solar panel iv characteristic test experiment
  • Solar panel maximum power output characteristics experiment
  • Solar cell series experiment
  • Solar cell parallel experiment
  • Battery series experiment
  • Battery parallel experiment
  • Wind turbine start-up wind speed experiment
  • Wind turbine voltage output characteristic curve measurement
  • Automatic two-axis tracking system experiment
  • Manual two-axis tracking system experiment
  • Remote controlled two-axis tracking system experiment
  • Wind and solar hybrid controller experiment (wind/solar/combined)
  • DC/AC load experiment
  • Wind and solar hybrid AC and DC integrated output application
  • Electricity consumption measurement of wind and solar hybrid AC output load



  1. Photovoltaic tracking system

 Four solar cells fixed by aluminium profile with pluggable safety lead for system connection

Solar automatic tracking system

1) Automatic, manual and remote control modes

 2) Transparent detection head with four-quadrant epoxy silicon wafer

3) Controller box with build-in microcontroller and LCD display.

4) Remote controller with 8m distance for system control

5) Dual-axis tracking platform with horizontal 0˚…350˚ and vertical -10˚…70˚

 Simulated light source: 3x1000W halogen tungsten lamps with circular connector

 Extruded aluminum profiles with 8 grooves for the frame construction

  1. Wind power generation system
  • Wind source simulation: 2200W axial flow fan with 1450r/min and blast capacity 18700m3 /h, the mounting frame is made of aluminium profile with 4 grooves and the connection is achieved by full sealing safety plugs.
  • Horizontal axis wind turbine: 300W 12V with five blades, starting at 2.0m/s and rated 13m/s. Flange coupling used for column connection and the base frame is made of aluminum profile with four cushion rubbers p .
  • Anemorumbometer: provided aluminium profile frame and circular connection for data acquisition.

1) Wind speed sensor: Measure range: 0…70m/s Max. turning radius: 90mm Starting speed: 0.3m/s

2) Wind direction sensor: Measure range: 0˚…360˚ Max. turning radius: 200mm Starting speed: 0.3m/s

  1. Power supply unit
  • Single phase AC220V ±5% input with RCCB
  • Power indication lamp fuse protector emergency button
  • DC output: two way 0…30VDC variable, with DVM and ampere indication.
  1. Instrument unit
  • Voltage meters: digital voltmeters for system parameter detection, including 2xAC250V, AC30V, DC30V.
  • Ampere meters: digital ammeters for system parameter detection, including AC2A, AC5A, DC2A, DC5A. – Watt hour meter:
  • Watt hour meter: 2 units for AC out 2 units for AC output electricity electricity consumption measurement
  1. Monitor and control unit

Touch screen: 7” TFT with 800*480 resolution and 300MHz main frequency. Available for RS232/485, USB and LAN interface communication.

1) Wind source start, stop and speed control

2) Light source automatic and manual control

3) Dual-axis tracking platform automatic and manual control

4) Real-time data monitoring including battery voltage, wind turbine output voltage, current and power, solar panel output voltage, current and power, load 1 output current and load 2 output current.

Control button

  • Wind source start, stop, speed up and speed down control buttons
  • Light source manual/auto transfer, light 1#/2#/3# on-off buttons
  • Dual-axis tracking manual/auto transfer, E/S/W/N direction control buttons

VFD frequency control: vector frequency inverter for wind source frequency control, input 1PH 220V, output 3PH 380V, with power 2.2KW and LED display. 3PH 380V i h 2.2KW and LED display

  1. Load unit
  • LED garden lamp: AC220V input, 6W x 4 white with 24 beads and rectifier unit
  • DC12V/AC220V inductive load: fan 4500rpm/4700rpm, with protective cover
  • DC12V/AC220V resistive load: 3W LED lamp, angle adjustable
  • Resistive load box: Resistive load box: 10Ω 99 99kΩ adjustable 10Ω…99.99kΩ adjustable
  • External AC/DC load connection board: four-way each external load connection via 4mm safety sockets
  1. Sine wave inverter: Output power 300W, peak power 600W, reverse battery + – protection, DC12V, output AC220V
  2. Wind speed & direction meter: memory 4M bit, interrecord gap 1…240 min variable, LCD display with 3 set buttons
  3. Wind & solar hybrid controller
  • Intelligent max power point tracking with Modbus communication
  • Battery: 12V, reverse connect, overvoltage and under voltage protection
  • Wind turbine: 300W/12V, over speed, rated 25ADC, over current, indirect lightning strike protection, PWM unloading
  • Solar: 250W/12V, rated input 15A, reverse connect protection, open circuit unloading

 2 Output channels:12A, over current (15A/30s, 18A/0.4s), short circuit (>150A) protection, light/time control, available for maintained output, inverted output and PWM output (250Hz only for second channel)

LCD display

1) Wind in Wind input voltage / current/ / current/power /generating capacity / speed / unloading / unloading current

2) Solar input voltage / current/power / generating capacity

3) battery voltage / charging current / power/total charging capacity / battery state information

4) Two way outputs current / power / error information

  1. Storage battery: 12V12AH maintenance free sealed lead acid battery x 2
  2. Lattice screen: two 16×64 LED lattice modules, with on/ff switch and indicator, control chip with USB port for edit
  3. Mobile aluminium experiment stand
  • High compressed chipboard tabletop
  • Solid impact-resistant protective edging
  • 4 swiveling casters, 2 of which have brakes
  • Extruded aluminium profiles with 4 grooves
  • Lockable storage drawer x3 with cabinet
  1. Accessory

Safety whole sealing cable Conductor cross section: 16AWG tinned copper wire 3kV 20A with axial socket

  • 4 x connection leads 4mm, 80cm, red/black
  • 5 x connection leads 4mm, 60cm, red
  • 1 x connection leads 4mm, 60cm, green/yellow
  • 4 x connection leads 4mm, 60cm, black
  • 7 x connection leads 4mm, 40cm, red/black

Tools: cross screwdriver, socket head wrench, monkey , wrench, etc.