Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine

Model:HI 100.020

Brand: HEICO

C/O: India


Technical Specification:


The system has been designed to test springs of small range and medium range in tension and compression

The unit has a motor which gives an accurate controlled motion to the moving crosshead. A microprocessor based digital unit which directly the load in N and displacement in mm. it is suitable for operation on 220VAC supply.


Electronic Digital Unit:

The two-channel microprocessor based signal conditioning and display unit indicates the load being applied on the specimen and the deformation in the spring. Load is being measured by the load cell and is indicated in N with a least count of 1N. the deformation is being measure by displacement sensor in mm with a least count of 0.1mm. the system receives the output signal of the both the sensors as its input and amplify the same to be displayed on the LCD display at the front panel. A communication port (RS232) is also provided in the unit to transfer readings to the computer at an interval of 1 sec till specimen failure. Reset peak key is provided for resetting the peak value of load achieved during the test.


Board Technical Specification Spring Testing Machine :


Force in Tension & Compression (N): 2000

Clearance for compression (mm): 0-500

Clearance for tension (mm): 5-500

Sensitivity of Load (N):1

Sensitivity of Displacement (mm): 0.


Power Supply: 220AVC, 50 Hz.