Switchboard Demonstrator Unit

Switchboard Demonstrator Unit

Switchboard Demonstrator Unit

Model: GTT-SDU-3001

Brand: GOTT

Brand: Malaysia


This is a standard industrial LT switchboard but specially adapted to function as a training unit. It enables switchgears, instrument and protective gears used in normal switchboard to be demonstrated and their functions explained. It is an excellent practice units for students to study its circuitry and function. Compartment doors/covers are hinged and the screws can be opened manually by hand

Instrument & Protective Gears

  • Air Circuit Breaker 600A TP&N with Overload and Shunt trip coils
  • Ammeter 100A/5A with selector switch
  • Voltmeter 500V with selector switch
  • Earth Fault Relay
  • Frequency Meter
  • Power Factor Meter
  • Maximum Demand Indicator
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • KWH Meter 3 Phase
  • KWH Meter 1 Phase
  • Circuit Breaker 30A
  • Circuit Breaker 20A
  • Circuit Breaker 6A SP
  • CEE socket
  • BS 1363 Socket
  • 6A Protector MCB
  • Copper Bus Bars 1/4″×1″
  • Indicating Lights
  • With rear Door for each Compartment
  • With Castor Wheels
  • Over Current relay



  • 30A 415V TP
  • 6A MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)
  • Output 415V, 240V 15A & 240V 13A


  • Console: Heavy Sheet Steel
  • Finish: Baked epoxy powder in matching grey
  • Marking: Engraved or silk-screened legends



  • 1 – Operating/Instruction Manual/Wiring Diagram


  • Input: 415VAC, 60A, 3-phase, 50Hz
  • Output: Power – 415VAC x 32A
  • Lighting: 240V 13A
  • Single Phase Power: 240V 15A

Manuals :

  • All manuals are written in English
  • Operation Manuals

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