Three Phase Motor Trainer

Three Phase Motor Trainer

Three Phase Motor Trainer

Model Number : GOTT-TPH-035

Brand: GOTT

C/O: Malaysia



This Three Phase Motor Trainer represents a cross section of common industrial motors. Each motor module includes a welded aluminum mounting baseplate, aluminum control box support structure, and a steel control enclosure. All motor wiring is accomplished through banana jack receptacles on the control enclosure’s front panel face. Each unit comes equipped with an appropriate voltmeter and ammeter. Four instructor fault insertion switches are provided on each motor module. An optional motor loading module attaches to each motor unit using a flexible coupling provided with the loading module.


  • Type : Squirrel-cage, 415V, 50Hz, 1 HP, 1440rpm
  • Input Voltage : Three Phase 415VAC
  • Protection : 40A
  • Sensitivity : 30mA
  • Wattmeter range : 1000W
  • Ammeter range : 10A
  • Voltmeter range : 500 V
  • Tachometer range : 10000rpm
  • Torque meter range : 20Nm
  • The trainer is capable of performing the following practical activities : Forward and Reverse, No Load Test, Block Rotor Test, Slip Measurement, Load Test, Wye-Delta with Timer, On-Delay, Off-Delay


  • Start / Stop Motor Control
  • Start / Jog / Stop Motor Control
  • Forward / Reverse Motor Control
  • Stop / Forward / Reverse Motor Control
  • Wye-Delta Motor Control
  • No-Load Test
  • Lock Rotor or Block Rotor Test


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