Universal PLC Trainer



  • This is an universal programming logic controller training system which is built in a portable alumininum
    alloy case, it provides a variety of programming input and output signal control elements, as well as
    voltage sources and dynamic demonstrating units.
  • The training content covers programming for coder, encoder, stepping motor, brushless DC motor,
    pulse counting, analog quantity, temperature transmitter, heating closed-loop control, etc.
  • All terminals are led out to 2mm safety sockets for clear education and easy operation purpose, three
    serial communication types are used to realize fast connection with external programming application units.
  • Thanks to the compatibility design, this universal PLC system can be combined with multiple CHOIEO
    automation demo modules to achieve a comprehensive and systematic training.


Training Content

  • Emergency stop and alarm
  • Stepping motor turns control
  • Brushless DC motor forward and reverse control
  • Brushless DC motor turns control
  • Brushless DC motor stepless speed control and display
  • Brushless DC motor speed setting
  • Potentiometer analog quantity input
  • Heating block thermostatic closed-loop control
  • External application unit programming (self-prepared)
  • Single phase pulse counting of brushless DC motor
  • Stepping motor stepless speed control
  • Coding input and decoding display
  • Program address assignment of extended module
  • Stepping motor forward and reverse control
  • Stepping motor angle control
  • Manual pulse generator AB phase counting
  • Temperature transformer analog quantity input