Vicat Apparatus, as per as IS| ASTM

Vicat Apparatus

Vicat Apparatus, as per as ASTM


Model: HC37.10

Brand: HEICO

C/O: India


Technical Specification of Vicat apparatus:


For determination of consistency of standard cement paste and initial and final setting times of cement. The equipment comprises the following :-

i)                    A frame with a vertically movable rod having a cap at the top.

ii)                   ii) Vicat mould in the form of frustum of a cone with internal diameter of 60 mm at the top, 70 mm at the bottom and a height of 40 mm.

iii)                 iii) Glass base plate for the mould.

iv)                Initial Setting Time Needle.

v)                    Final Setting Time Needle.

vi)                 Consistency plunger

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