Computer System Servicing Trainer In PC Assembly Kit

The Computer Systems Servicing Trainers come complete with all components required to build a state of- the art Personal Computer in kit form. These trainers are ideal for classroom training and projects and can be used to teach students in advanced troubleshooting techniques to evaluate isolate and identify several malfunctions down to the board or module level. The student may practice build up and assembly exercises and when the fully operation computer, the trainer can then be used for further training in maintenance and troubleshooting. Upgrading exercises can be performed such as memory, DVDROM, video graphics cards and sound cards. The training program matches with the CompTIA A+ certification requirements and comes with a special preparation Textbook and manual for the A+ program. The Students will learn about the components that make up a PC system, how to assemble and test the components in order to form an operational system, how to take measurements using a digital multimeter, how to modify the BIOS, develop a mastery of the latest operating systems and learn basic system servicing using our special electronic


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