LCD Color TV Trainer

The GOTT-LCDTV-078 is an ideal piece of training equipment to teach the operation of color LCD TV receivers, which allows the student to familiarize himself with the most advanced technological innovations. The tutor includes a fault generation module and a trainer for the I2 C Communications Bus. The block diagrams of the GOTT-LCDTV-078 intuitively show the different modules which make up the color LCD TV receiver. Its large number of test points allows the analysis and monitoring of the electric signals in the different functional blocks of the receiver. It is safe to operate since all the test points are protected against possible accidental short-circuits. Using the fault module it is possible to simulate the most common faults which can occur in the receiver with thus establishing methods of diagnosis and tracing. The trainer moreover incorporates a microcontroller which makes it possible to carry out practices related to the operation of the I2C communications BUS. Special attention has been paid to its design, obtaining a small-sized functional piece of equipment. Moreover, in its rest position, it can be used as a domestic desktop TV.


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